Natureboy uses the fear induced sweat of women to keep his head nice and shiny------------Fatty isn't fat......but he is a disgusting pervert-----------ChimpPimpin can often be found in a pub, drinking tea, alone, quietly weeping----------Princess spends 2 hours getting ready for a tournament, and is still waiting for someone to tell him he looks pretty-----------Harrytheschmuck has over 1000 cats living in his bedroom. They are all named Harry Jr----------Ben has fathered a child. Even he isn't sure how---------TimSmith invites all his opponents for a Saturday night wrestle in his hotel room, underpants optional--------

Sunday, 7 April 2013

The Re-Invention of the Deathcult assassin (AKA saving money!!!)

As we all know GW models cost a lot of money and more often than not its the models you want a lot of (like Dark Eldar beast packs) that cost the most.

Deathcult are a prime example costing £9.50 for 2.For a decent tournament army 2 just wont cut the mustard so units of 5+(plus other models for the squad) are pretty much essential if they are to survive their way into combat.
My current list has 14!!  £66.50 is a huge outlay but that's not the only problem.The GW model has 2 power swords which is fine but 6th Ed has different "power weapons" so you may not want 2 power swords.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

I have a plan! And it's as hot as my pants!!!

Its been a while Warhammer 40k. 5th Ed has left the building and after hitting the tournament scene like a tonne of bricks it was time for a break. Towards the end of 5th i was running low on juice so i thought i would give myself a different challenge and look into running tournaments. I had been to so many and had learned what i liked and disliked from each and used all the best bits from each as a template for my own. It had been something i had rattling around the back of my head for some time after all the moaning i was hearing about the lack of Birmingham tournaments.

Coming back to 40k after a bit of a break....

Well after some arm twisting I agreed to write a bit of a blog entry about me returning to 40k after a while out, I last played regularly at the start of 5th Edition and haven’t been to a ‘real’ tournament since 4th – i remember fondly the time when Blood Claws were actually a viable choice in a Space Wolves army, which I miss dearly…

Grey knights.... here we go again ...part deux

I played Harry tonight and his Guard/Chaos list.

Flying khorne prince axe
Flying nurgle princes mace
2 x 10 cultists
3 x Heldrakes

Primaris psyker
platoon command
50 man blob squad,5 axes,5 melta bombs and 5 autocanons with commissar.
aegis defence line with comms relay

Meet the team part 3

Now its time to drudge up the dregs of the Dudley boys. I've left the meanest, ugliest, bad-ass players till last. If you face these in combat ....beware......

Brad Zalad "Bradimus prime"
Brad is so disfigured I couldn't post his real pic! He has taken being a space wolves player to a whole new level and actually puts himself through real "wolf sagas" and has the scars to prove it.
He delved so far into the abyss he was touched by the powers of chaos.
He was last seen converting Obliterators in his WaaC lab and doing a very good job of it too.
Brad is a regular blogger and shrine of knowledge for all things wolf related. He will (hopefully!) be blogging on here and we will share links to his other blogs.

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Necrons, the evolution of the robot

So my love of necrons is widely acknowledged on the UK tournament scene, I played the old Necron codex at the start of 5th edition when getting wins was as difficult chasing hens in a barrel, and then when the new codex came out I was in love with them all over again, and rather than just sticking with one list I've tried to use as many different Necron builds as I can over the course of the last year or so.  I was the first to use 18 wraiths, I've used a gun boat Cryptek build, a destroyer armada, a bouncing deepstrike build and a flyerspam Zahndrek list.

Grey Knights...Here we go again.....

Waaaaaaaaay back in 5th Ed I had a lot of success with GreyKnights at tournaments and swore that id never again go back to "old faith full"
So for 6th Ed I started out with cron air (6 night/doom scythes) and won my first 2 tournaments.

Meet the team...part 2

Meet the team part 2!

Damian O'sullivan

After years of denial Damian realised he was a secret Waacer.
He now Waac's as often as he can, the proof of which can be found with his recent 5th place in a local tournament.
He has singlehandly made it his mission to bring back Dark Angels from the grave.We all said it couldn't be done,but after many ritual sacrifices (and several vindaloo curries) Games Workshop buckled and released the new Dark Angels codex. We ALL must thank Damian for this as the codex is awesome!

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Welcome to "The Good,The Bad and the Dudley" Warhammer 40K tournament team.

Well the title says it all really!

We are a relatively small (But hard hitting power house!) Warhammer 40k tournament team based in England.

Our green shirts are a regular sight at nearly every competitive event in the UK through out the year and have many trophies and accolades between us.