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Sunday, 7 April 2013

The Re-Invention of the Deathcult assassin (AKA saving money!!!)

As we all know GW models cost a lot of money and more often than not its the models you want a lot of (like Dark Eldar beast packs) that cost the most.

Deathcult are a prime example costing £9.50 for 2.For a decent tournament army 2 just wont cut the mustard so units of 5+(plus other models for the squad) are pretty much essential if they are to survive their way into combat.
My current list has 14!!  £66.50 is a huge outlay but that's not the only problem.The GW model has 2 power swords which is fine but 6th Ed has different "power weapons" so you may not want 2 power swords.

The codex lists that Deathcult are armed with 2 power weapons so the obvious choice (in a competitive list) would be to give them a sword and an axe. They can attack at I6 with 4 attacks on the charge at S4 AP3 (say nighty night power armour!!) or strike at I1 with 4 attacks at S5 AP2.Now this makes them very, very useful and pretty much the perfect combat unit point for point.

With nearly every tournament now requiring WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) the GW model just wont do, so it was time to get creative and see what else was available! Thankfully chaos warriors from fantasy held the answer.12 models per box, 11 of which can be armed with an axe and sword PLUS loads of extra bits including shields!!!(they will become very useful).All this for £20 (you can buy these cheaper on line).I think these look better than the ageing Deathcult GW models and can at least be posed differently.

So I buy 2 boxes(24 models) costing £40 and have more than enough for what I want and I can add more should my list change.Add to this all the spares that I needed.

With the death cult sorted I now needed my next models for my henchman unit.Yet again these are very expensive at £10 for 2 via GW.Crusaders are awesome(see previous blogs) but only armed with power swords when I needed power axes.I needed 16 of them and didn't want to spend £80 and then have to remodel them with different weapons.

So I went to the good old guardsmen! Luckily I had a load spare but if needed I could buy 20 for £36 (GW direct), have spare models and parts and be able to have a choice in poses etc etc.
I used the spares from the chaos warriors(axes and large shields) along with the guardsmen to create the crusaders.

So cost wise I saved a fortune. £146.50 for the "proper" models (yet not WSYIWYG) or £76 with correct weapons,better posing and a potential to make another 18 models!!!. Now that is a great saving(never mind saving a further £20+ buying on line) and I have an army that's a bit unique and I put a bit more time and love into building it :-)

There are lots of ways to save money on your army.The best option is the use alternate GW models.These are size correct and also you can use them at warhammer world or GW events.If you use other companies models then you may be asked to remove them from the table!

There are of course many other manufacturers out there but personally I really like GW product and I think its easy to work with and looks great!

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  1. Hey there,
    I found this blog via a signature over on TWF. Especially the articles about the GK henchmen (or rather DCA) army I found really, really interesting.

    So much, that in fact I grabbed a second hand GK codex, got myself some characters and converted lots of old Bret men-at-arms als crusaders and dark elf corsairs als DCA and played some games with a similar list to the one presented here.
    Awesome fun!
    Now I've been coming back every so often to look for progress here and only found barren disappointment.
    Is this gonna go any further? Would love to read more, especially battle reports.

    Thanks, Mutter